Current Roster

The Grizzlies proved to be a perennial force again in 2019, and with their appearance in the finals, they continue to show the Slo-Pitch world the Grizzlies are the top contender with the 6th consecutive season with a final 4 appearance.

Then we did Covid.

For this 2022 season the team has a shift in identity. Long time member Bill Walt has officially retired – although we are still looking forward to his pre-game speech before the 2022 Championship Game!

We have a few departures, and a handful of new arrivals for 2022. Brent Feltz, Jake Walkom, Joe Walkom and Brent Wilson are the newest Bears. Not to forget our 2021 free agent signing who is still waiting to step on the field; Brady Siddall.

The Grizzlies continue to feel strongly about maintaining fan access so autographs and personal appearances will continue throughout the upcoming season. Come on our and meet your favorite Grizzly Bear.

Bill Appelby16
Tim Eickmeyer9
Steve Feeney15
Brent Feltz27
Steve Gloor22
Tyler Gloor8
Dan Graul13
Trevor Hinz12
Ian Klein7
Matt Krug10
Scott Lealess5
Bill Martin17
Brady Siddal11
Bryan Stacey21
Jake Walkom18
Joe Walkom2
Brent Wilson6
----- RESERVES -------------
Jamie Beaumont33
Nick Elligsen26
Tyler Elligsen40
Bill Walt19
Brad Lubbers24
Jeff Walt4