Current Roster

The Grizzlies continue to do it – another Final 4 in 2022! That marks the 7th consecutive season with a final 4 appearance.

For this 2023 season we enter the year with a 14-man roster. Free agent Mark Mohr will join the club for 2023, providing us with pitching depth, as well as a babysitter for the Feltz family.

The Grizzlies continue to feel strongly about maintaining fan access so autographs and personal appearances will continue throughout the upcoming season. Come on out and meet your favorite Grizzly Bear, and get a glimpse of the cubs running the bases after games.

Bill Appelby16
Tim Eickmeyer9
Steve Feeney15
Brent Feltz27
Steve Gloor22
Tyler Gloor8
Dan Graul13
Ian Klein7
Bill Martin17
Mark Mohrtbd
Brady Siddal11
Bryan Stacey21
Jake Walkom18
Joe Walkom2
----- RESERVES -------------
Trevor Hinz12
Scott Lealess5
Jeff Walt4