Current Roster

The Grizzlies were a force again in 2018. With the 5th consecutive season where the Grizzlies were in the final 4, we continue winning meaningful ball games and we have secured our spot as a top tier team in the league.

For the 2019 season, our Player Personnel department was able to make a key free agent acquisition. The Grizzlies are pleased to welcome Bryan – Cheese – Stacey to the squad. A local talent hailing from Mitchell, Cheese brings years of league experience and youthful enthusiasm that will bolster an already deep Grizzly lineup.

NameJerseyTenure as of 2019
Bill Appelby169
Jamie Beaumont3319
Matt Dalton513
Tim Eickmeyer914
Nick Elligsen269
Tyler Elligsen4011
Steve Feeney159
Steve Gloor2213
Tyler Gloor811
Dan Graul1312
Trevor Hinz1212
Ian Klein73
Matt Krug108
Scott Lealess59
Brad Lubbers247
Bill Martin172
Bryan Stacey211
Bill Walt1944
Jeff Walt415
Pat McClure213*