Grizzly Beginnings

During the spring of 1974, there were a handful of guys having a beverage at The Hick’s House in Mitchell, Ontario when Mike Uniac arrived with a proposition. Earlier he had passed by the ball diamond where Bob Cheoros and the Mitchell BP’s, who usually played hardball, were playing slo-pitch. Mike, knowing the guys on the ball field, commented on how easy slo-pitch was and that he could find a group of guys and beat them no problem. At the Hick’s House Mike was able to talk a few guys into forming a team to go out and play against the BP’s; they then took to the field for the first ever Grizzlies slo-pitch game. The Grizzlies jumped out to an early 6-0 lead, however ended up losing the game 9-6. Known as Gill’s Grizzlies, they played their first year in the Beer Belly Baseball League (B.B.B.L). The Mitchell Grizzlies continue to play in what is now known as the Mitchell & District Slo-Pitch League, continuing the tradition of being a very close-knit group, playing competitive slo-pitch and taking pride in their community involvement.

Original team:

  • 1st = Dan Gloor
  • 2nd = Rick Dolmage
  • SS = Dean Machan
  • 3rd = Phillip Chessell
  • Roamer = Jim Fuller
  • Pitcher = Dennis Lawrence
  • Catcher = Paul O’Donnell
  • OF = Roger Seebach
  • OF = Mike Uniac
  • OF = John Vandenbussche
  • OF = Rick O’Donnell
  • Coach = Clem Schoonderwoerd
  • Coach = Bob McGill


Beer Belly Baseball League (BBBL)