40th Cornfest Celebrations

This past weekend, the Mitchell Grizzlies hosted the 40th annual Cornfest event. The Grizzlies are extremely proud to have been part of such a large part of Mitchell’s history for such a long time. The tournament started with very humble beginnings (read the story here) and has progressively grown in to the “can’t miss event”of the Mitchell summer season.

This past Sunday (Aug 20, 2017), nearly 60 Grizzly alumni (of about 100) returned for a celebration at the park under sunny skies. Plenty of stories and memories were shared, but the most popular topic among alumni was just how much fun each guy has had over years running the Cornfest event. It has took an incredible amount of work by a very small number of guys (and their families) but the Grizzlies always wanted to run an enjoyable event and be able to donate back to the community without acknowledgement.

The Grizzlies want to thank all Grizzly ball players, patrons, out of town visitors, and especially the Grizzly wives and families for helping out over the years. Without support from all of you, the Grizzlies would not have been able to provide the amount of donations needed to make the ball park what it is today, and would not have been able to donate to so many initiatives within the community.

Thank you all for a fantastic 40 years of Cornfest!

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